Monday, March 10, 2003

Don't count on the fact that Blix may have hidden the 'smoking gun' to change much in the UN Security Council. These people have ignored tons and tons of biochemical weapons. What makes anybody think that they can't explain away an undisclosed aircraft, even if it had Chirac's handwritten admission of having helped build it?

This whole charade has shown more and more clearly that the opponents of doing something serious to stop Saddam don't base their opposition on facts. They aren't honest with themselves, let alone the rest of us. They will put out their own eyes rather than see the truth that is obvious from the past 25 years of Iraqi history. They don't care about the suffering of the Iraqi people or any other people of the Middle East. If they did, they'd have supported taking out Saddam in 1991.

The latest couple of Weekly Standards have been chock full of rich insights and education precipitated by the thick pretensions of the Security Council and the Democrats as they try to wriggle out of admitting what is staring them in the face. First, there is Stephen Hayes' piece, The Horrors of Peace, in which he visits the Dearborn, Michigan Iraqi-American community and learned how badly we let down Iraqis who tried to take up the first Bush's charge to overthrown Saddam. What Wolfiwit


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