Sunday, January 16, 2005

The Next Environmental Scare

It's called "Global Dimming" and predictably, the BBC has it, a report that the amount of sunlight reaching the earth in Israel has declined 22% over the past 50 years. Of course, it is said to mean that Global Warming is "a far greater threat" than we thought.

All this stuff may be true, but I'm not sure that we understand the worlds' climatee well enough to really know what it means. Nor am I confidant that anything we do about it would make any difference. The free world is not likely to willingly cripple its economy on the basis of a computer model, and the unfree world is unlikely to cease its drive to industrialize.

If it's the end of the the world as we know it, I see no alternative but to move north and avoid the coasts.

And of course, what this will do to the Social Security System is not mentioned, but Democrats don't seem to think that shiftin weight of the cost onto two workers for every retired person is anything to worry about.


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