Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Hypocrisy as a way of life

That seems more and more what liberals have sunk to in this country. They have their own facts that no amount of evidence will dislodge.

Despite the fact that even the NYTimes agrees that disclosing Valerie Plame's identity as a CIA officer was not a crime, and that Rove was trying not to put a covert agent in danger, but to steer Mr. Cooper away from a gaffe, the Democrats in Congress lined up to denounce Karl Rove for outing her and, of course, demanding his resignation.

What's that the Democrats always say about the politics of personal destruction? Maybe they're worried about the underlying fact that she was trying torpedo the president's case for deposing Saddam by sending her husband on a paid junket to Niger, trusting that he would return with a negative report. The alacrity with which the press seized on the forged document to seed the "Bushed Lied" meme, is a little suspicious. It will never die, because it's about all they have left to throw at Bush.

We all know how anti-censorship and cover-up the press is. Yet, they think the government should fund PBS and NPR but not require political diversity and are doing all they can to prevent conservative shows from being aired. Apparently, they consider it censorship to allow other viewpoints than theirs to be allowed.

John Kerry is more intellectual, but he got lower grades than George Bush, who is the reincarnation of Alfred E. Neuman. As one watchs their desperate search for something that will get them back into power, one notes the lack of any central guiding prinicple, except anti-religion and expanding abortion rights, that motivates them. They mouth platitudes like "It takes a village," but they would think that anyone else in the village who dared to criticize their children as violating their right to be left alone. Of course, they would only have one child per couple so that their own gene pool will shrink while others grow exponentially. When they get attacked, their first impulse is to blame America, unless the attacks are verbal and launched by conservatives. Then they want to silence them.

They roundly condemn America for its freedom to do business and acquire property, yet bristle at any suggestion that they lack loyalty to the country that guarantees their rights to do so. They seem to think that free elections in which they lose were "fixed," and anti-democratic. They want to wipe out poverty through redistribution of wealth schemes, but oppose any measure that helps people acquire wealth in the first place. They expect corporations to provide jobs, but want to tax their profits two or three times. They gladly accept huge contributions from people like George Soros, Barbra Streisand and other wealthy Hollywood types, but dismiss Republicans as representing only the overprivileged. They cry loudly about the failure of our law enforcement and intelligence agencies to prevent 9/11 but oppose giving them the legal authority to investigate and keep an eye on suspected terrorists. They wring their hands over the costs of medical care, but expect the government to provide it, when such schemes are floundering everywhere else, and forcing people to wait months and months for urgently needed treatments.


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