Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The perfect as enemy to the good

Ann Coulter has turned on Bush. Her latest column is all criticism of Bush and Rove based on his failure to endorse right-wingers over more moderate Republicans. She writes: " If Ronald Reagan were running today, Rove would have Bush endorse Reagan's opponent." Sure, Ann. And Reagan's appointments to SCOTUS were?

If Rove had picked Miers, I might give some credence to her theory, but if anything, it proves that Bush is his own man, that he knows what he wants and isn't interested in currying favor with conservatives who want to dictate his every move. Coulter is a right wing version of James Carville. She's never run for anything and never will, because she is totally unelectable. She's so confrontive and antagonistic that she keeps alienating people whom she would need to succeed.

I don't agree with everything Bush does, but he's done a much better job than conservatives seem willing to give him credit for. They don't seem to understand why he doesn't replace Karl Rove with a committee of right-wing pundits. If this is how they treat candidates who bring them power, don't blame him from keeping some distance from them.


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