Thursday, December 29, 2005

Throw the bums out!

The Old Media just don't seem to get it. They remind me of a political party that has been in power too long. They become arrogant, ingrown and inbred.

We had a House election some years ago here when the Republicans nominated a blockhead as a reward for service to the party in the past but who wasn't up to the job. The district which included on of the most conservative counties in the country elected the Democrat who did a good job and won two elections before he got knocked off by someone with more private money.

The liberal media establishment hasn't had any real challenge since the advent of television. They've gotten dull and developed an attention deficit. They are constantly being caught in mistakes and blatantly biased reports. Even today, they're calling the NSA wiretaps of people communicating with Al Qaeda "domestic spying." If it were that, it would be illegal, but it's not something to bet your wad on, as the latest Rasmussen poll shows. Who can trust that kind of analysis?

The media and the Democrats both show the signs of parties that don't understand what's happening to them. Meanwhile, the Republicans don't seem to understand that they've won or to believe that they can continue to win in the future. They seem to we worrying about the wrath of the Democrats when they come roaring back.

Newspapers are bloated and complacent. Like IBM v. Microsoft, they don't seem to understand what's happening. If they did, James Lileks would be on Times Select and Mark Steyn would be in every market. Instead we get Molly Ivins, Ellen Goodman and Tom Oliphant. And if they did, Brokeback Mountain wouldn't have been made, except as a stag film. Now if they could make a movie showing the romance between a cowboy and a giant ape.


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