Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Frontline implies that businesses selling cold remedies are the main obstacle to stopping the crystal meth epidemic. It's an interesting program, although I have to wonder about its premise that other drugs can be defeated by eliminating the availability of constituents, such as ephedra and pseudoephedra, the way the DEA succeeded in stopping quaaludes. You almost expect shows on PBS to blame the Bush Administration for every problem.

What surprised me was that the first state in the meth epidemic was Oregon. Is that because they're liberals and willing to flout drug laws, or because they're smart enough to make the drugs and sell them.

Update: The real problem now is meth coming in from Mexico. Sorry, Oregon.

It occurs to me that this is one area where a strict religious upbringing can help avoid trouble. If you see taking illegal drugs as not only illegal but immoral, are you more likely to avoid becoming an addict? I don't know, but it makes some sense. I've seen enough damage done by alcohol that I've become a prohibitionist. I'd rather allow marijuana than continue to allow alcohol. Yeah, I'm a buzzkill. Yes, heart disease might increase. But I think that DUI accidents and deaths, child and spouse abuse and divorce would all drop. No fear of that happening, .

Next week: Frontline goes inside the Iraq insurgency and shows--surprise!--how the war is helping Al Qaeda and it's all Bush's fault.


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