Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The existence of WMD

Instapundit calls attention to former Iraqi general George Sada's claim that there were WMD in Iraq but they were moved to Syria before the return of UN inspectors. What got me thinking was this update:
UPDATE: Reader Alan Goldstein thinks there's less here than meets the eye: "on the Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC-FM on March 9th General George said he didn't actually see them himself."
Would critics of George Bush be this finicky if the general was claiming that the war was unjustified? I doubt it. And I know that CBS news wouldn't, based on the episode of the Fake but Accurate documents.

I don't know whether to believe General George or not, but if he's honest and just wrong, it would indicate that Saddam was misleading his highest military leaders.

I've never understood why this whole issue has gotten so much play in the media, if they were being honest and objective. Only partisans, opponents of the war and the nonsentient can take it seriously. There's a hole a mile wide in the logic. Bush argued, among other things, that Saddam was a threat to the region because he was stockpiling WMD. The fact that they weren't there when we were in a position to fing and destroy them shouldn't be all that surprising given the amount of time Saddam had to prepare for our invasion. The story of the UN Oil for Fraud Program makes it clear what his game was: Move them until your allies on the Security Council, in the media and in the U.N. itself succeed in doing away with sanctions, then bring them back and get to work. He didn't lose the capacity to manufacture these things, after all.


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