Saturday, April 08, 2006

Oh, I hope so!

Sy Hersh is reporting planning for military action against Iran to prevent it from developing nukes.

Wouldn't it be a major nonfeasance in office not to have something like this cooking?

And, yes, I think Mr. Hersh should be prosecuted or at least investigated, along with the NYTimes people who exposed the NSA wiretaps.

Meanwhile, Ralph Peters writes:
We pulled too many punches in Operation Iraqi Freedom, and now we're paying the price. If Tehran drags us into war, we should make the conflict so devastating and painful that even our allies are stunned.
I tend to agree, but I hope we don't have to. If we have to go to war again, we should do so in a manner that will leave no hope among the Islamists that they can regain control. War is hell, as General Sherman noted, and therefore we should wade through it and make it harsh so that it doesn't drag on.
The Russians and Chinese both see Iran as a client state, so this will not be a an easy choice.


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