Sunday, April 23, 2006

Send her to a black prison.

Mary McCarthy may not have been purely motivated by politics. She may have been motivated by humanitarianism, by the belief that holding enemy "soldiers" in secret prisons and subjecting them to harsh, even torturous, interrogations is wrong and illegal and therefore she was justified in leaking that information to the press.

She should still go to prison.

We're in a war. That means our troops can kill people like these. So how is it more humane to hold them, even waterboard them, than to just blow their heads off? The Democrats seem to have this fixation on making war a humane thing. That's why they fought the Vietnam by giving sanctuary to the enemy any place outside of South Vietnam's borders, and ended up getting far more of our allies and our troops killed than was necessary.

There is no humane war. The idea that we should be bound by rules that don't apply to our enemies is disloyal to the people who fight for us. I'm not suggesting beheadings or grinding people up in shredders. But none of the claims against our soldiers, even those shown in the photos from Abu Ghraib, was anything like the things the terrorists would do to us if they could.


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