Friday, August 25, 2006

Shades of L&O:SVU!

A young Austrian girl has escaped from her captor after eight years of being kept in a concealed "dungeor" by a stranger. The man educated her and apparently treated her well, but when she escaped, committed suicide.
It is not clear what the alleged kidnapper's motives were and whether Natascha was sexually abused during her captivity.
If not, this guy will be really be an odd case. His picture looks as weird as one would expect. It seems to be a fairly common part of the sexual fantasies of some people to keep sex slaves where they can be used again and again. Most such cases I've heard about, like that of Charles Ng and Leonard Lake, tortured their captives to death and then went out and found others.

I expect Law and Order: Special Victims Unit to feature an episode with a similar plot. In fact, it has already had one or two, and I watched an episode of Crossing Jordan the other night about a secret ring of pedophiles who bought or kidnapped young girls from Mexico whom they kept in a dungeon for their sexual pleasure. I wonder how many future sex offenders get ideas from such programs. Obviously, they don't turn people into criminals, but who knows what channels a persons mind into such strange places?


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