Thursday, August 03, 2006

Who's counting?

The AP reports that Hezbollah launched a record number of their cheap rockets at Israel yesterday. No mention of how many, more accurate, bombs and artillery shells Israel has replied with.

I read a book called The Arab Mind which says that to Arabs, just having engaged the enemy is a victory, which was why Egypt felt that its dishonor had been assuaged when it launched its sneak attack on Israel in the 1970s. To them, the raid is the thing. To attack suddenly, take some captives and then run back home, is considered a great victory, since they tend to equate grandiose threats and boasts with having done the deeds themselves. I don't know whether this is true, but it would explain why Hezbollah has been gaining support from the Lebanese.

The author wrote that Egypt felt that, after its attack on Israel, it was then free to make peace with it without losing face or honor. Unfortunately, the terrorists are more implacable that the more rational politicians in the Arab world, which is why the only choice we have to smite the terrorists and slay them.


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