Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Another book I won't have to read

It's called The Great Rish Shift, and it sounds positively like a five-year-old's tantrum:
WHATEVER happened to the good old days of cradle-to-grave security — of a steady job, a lifetime pension and paid-for health care along the way?
Here's what happened: we were living in a make-believe world powered by the fact that ours was the only industrial society that came through World War II without being bombed to rubble. We have stopped having families, saving and buying only what we can afford. It's a monument to our capacity for selfishness and irresponsibility that we've consumed it all in just 60 years. In the past, people saved up for their retirement, or they kept working or they turned to their children. But our generation put all that on the backs of their employers and the government, which shifted it in a bit of shady accounting to our children's generation. Where did this guy get the idea that entitlements were real? Instead of us fighting back, it's our children who should be disowning us.

This is my medical care plan. Save up or buy your own insurance, because nobody over 60 will get a heart transplant or anything else paid for by society. It's a stupid idea, and we've been greedy fools not to see that. It has fostered the growth in the costs of medical care and led us to expect that all the latest miracle medicine s would just be given to us, like that woman in the ads for motorized chairs, "And it didn't cost me one penny!" No, you old cow, it cost the rest of us hundreds if not thousands of dollars!


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