Sunday, October 08, 2006

Not That Endless

Evan Thomas lets slip the Democrats' game plan:
The secret world of Mark Foley—and the denial and bumbling of the House leaders who possibly did not want to know too much about that world—is beginning to emerge in bits and pieces of lurid detail. What actually happened—from the moment that Hill staffers first became aware of Congressman Foley's unusual interest in teenage congressional pages—is the source of intrigue, finger-pointing, shock, fear and loathing on Capitol Hill and of endless fascination around the country.
They hope.

It's been--what, a week?--and I'm really bored with it. I can't imagine that the rest of the country is breathlessly waiting for All The Representatives' Men to appear in installments. We're tired of the dreary reporting from Iraq. Why would we want to trade quagmire for tawdry? Our media have become European in their relentless world-weary ennui. They're really buzzkills now.

At least the blogsphere you get attitude and variety. With the MSM, it's like that famous Apple ad for the Macintosh. Nothing new, nothing interesting, nothing enlightening or worth watching, unless you get your jollies reading people's dirty instant messages.


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