Monday, October 16, 2006

Save your bacon. Give up your Pork!

Kimberley Strassel:
If congressional Republicans are facing a rout come November, it's in no small part because they've been headed down the Ohio highway. A few Supreme Court appointments and tax cuts aside, Republicans have largely abandoned the reform agenda that swept them to power in 1994. Their zeal has instead been directed at retaining power, which explains the earmarking epidemic and the Abramoff corruption that followed. Reform of Medicare and Social Security, the death tax, immigration, health care--all fell off the map.
I agree. It's a pretty sad day when your best argument for retaining the majority is that electing your opponents would make matters worse. That isn't going to make me vote for a democrat, even one who sounds like a Republican. My biggest complaint, however, is their lack of discipline and unity.

It might not be a bad idea for Republicans to renew the Contract with America, and explicitly bind themselves to cutting pork, finishing our goals in Iraq, confirming judges who understand the difference between judging and legislating, and gaining control of our borders. I think it could save their bacon to get rid of their pork.


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