Saturday, October 21, 2006

Who's afraid of a Democrat win?

Tom Bevan reminds us that all this talk about a Democratic blow out doesn't really amount to much, just more Congressional gridlock. The Republicans have been doing pretty well at helping Democrats to obstruct whatever the president tries to do. So giving back a few seats or even a majority won't change much. There will be a lot of pointless hearings and efforts to avenge past grievances, but if the Dems can't rise above what they seem to have in mind right now, their majority if any will be shortlived.

Robert J. Caldwell also pokes holes in the comparison of this year with the midterm election of 1994. If the Dems win, it won't be a sea change like that.

One of Caldwell's points is that in 1994, the Republicans ran on the Contract with America. Considering how well that worked, you have to wonder why nobody has used it again since. Are the candidates unwilling to commit? Or are they all so self-centered that they can't resist editing it to suit themselves? I blame campaign consultants.


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