Tuesday, November 07, 2006

This sucks!

Democrats seeking extension of voting hours practically screams cheating. In 2000, they filed in state courts and got them to order recounts. Since then they demanded electronic voting machines, then started accusing tampering with the machines. In Washington State, they won the governorship through a court-ordered recount and a hand full of newly discovered votes in the most heavily Democrat districts.

They've been encouraging non-citizens to vote for years.

Courts are not supposed to be involved in deciding winners in elections. Unless specific illegal activity is alleged and appears substantial, they should butt out. Judges don't have to be fair. They can be as partisan as they like, especially when the judges themselves are elected. That's why this practice of running to the nearest friendly judge needs to be stopped.

Nearly always, when they do this, it's a Democrat majority district. It's harder to cheat if you don't know how many votes you need to come up with. Getting an extension solves that difficulty.

The FBI is investigating reports of phone callers falsely telling people their voiting places have been changed. It's not clear who benefits by this. Both sides are blaming the other.


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