Thursday, November 02, 2006

Why John Kerry's gaffe matters.

If it were anybody else, the botched joke would be just that and forgotten, but it has stirred up a nest of hornets on the right because it conveyed a truth about the anti-war left, their elitism and contempt for America, its military and, well, pretty much everything about it except for the privileged lifestyle it has afforded them.

Kerry was supposed to put a little spin on an old familiar and condescending joke about the military being the ones who can't do anything else, but he forget the spin and said the line as he has said it most often. The problem is that everybody who didn't see it as a political foot-shot saw it for what it was and they recognized the same attitude of 1960s spoiled college kids who condemned everyone who served in Vietnam as some kind of inhuman killer. That is the background from which Bill and Hillary emerged. Just ask Michael Medved.


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