Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Lenny McAllister on why the BP spill can't be blamed on Bush:
Liberals focusing on how the BP spill will aid their “inconvenient truth” argument against off-shore drilling will conveniently forget that the lifted ban was the afterthought concession thrown in by a distracted Obama administration that was more focused on overhauling the American health care system against the will of most Americans instead of primarily concentrating on the two issues that people clamored for during Election 2008: a stronger economy and energy independence.
In law, it's called the Last Clear Chance doctrine. Even if the Bush administration were negligent in being unprepared for something like this, Obama's been in office since Jan. 20, 2009. He had plenty of time to "kick asses" during that time to beef up the government's readiness to deal with oil spills, and didn't do it. If all these safety lapses on BP's part were throbbing like a sore thumb, why didn't his enforcement and regulatory agencies do something before the blow out? Probably because such errors seldom result in actual harm. Only in hindsight do they become shocking negligence.


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