Tuesday, June 15, 2010

OK, this is just sophistry. Caption of accompanying photo:
Obama says those who say he should do more formerly criticized him for doing too much.
I've never criticized him for doing too much. I have criticized his use of this spill as an excuse for wasting taxpayer money on alternative energy, but that's not the same thing. Another thing I've criticized him for was not sticking to the job he was elected to do. He's been mooning over remaking America, but neglecting the day to day concrete job of making the government work as it should under existing laws. Had his appointees been doing that, this spill need not have happened.

I really hate this kind of straw man argument and the snide way it's always made by the left. Nobody I've read anywhere has criticized him for doing too much in connection with the BP spill. But his plans to subsidize and foist uneconomical alternatives on us will quickly cost us more than the costs of this spill and its damage to the environment. More, not less, oil will be pumped in areas where they have worse environmental protections than we do. It is a disgusting slur to suggests that BP, which was formed by the merge or British Petroleum and Amoco, doesn't care about a spill like this or that it knew it would happen.


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