Sunday, July 04, 2010

KSL radio is dropping the Sean Hannity program. It's a 50,000 watt station, owned by the LDS church. I think it may feel a need to become more moderate for its core audience along the Wasatch Front (from Ogden south to wherever the population drops off). I think Utah is still basically conservative. There's a lot of ideological overlap between the Tea Party movement and the Republican Party here, but you can only swallow so much red meat before you start thinking about something else. Whatever the reason, Hannity won't be off the air here for long, and the left shouldn't see this as a big victory.

Hannity's been on in the afternoon for a long time, but I never listened to him. I live on the wrong side of the Wasatch Mountains and so reception is poor here, but I've never listened to confrontational talk shows for very long. Sooner or later you've heard their entire repertoire and it just gets boring. I don't know how Rush Limbaugh has done it.


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