Saturday, July 10, 2010

Meanwhile, a reminder a moratorium doesn't mean that less drilling will happen. It just won't happen here. Even though the moratorium has been stayed by the courts, uncertainty over the ultimate decision makes drillers reluctant to spend money drilling when it may be stopped without completion.

As I was watching a program called Big, Bigger, Biggest the use of suction anchors was described. These are large cylinders closed at one end fitted with hoses to suck out the air and water inside, which caused outside pressure to drive it down into the sea bottom. Something similar could be placed over the out side of a well with the drill string down the center.

This thing may be a huge loss, but it would be a good opportunity to try new ideas at 1 mile depths for security and preventing blow outs usinging wiring and hoses that can be severed by a blow out, making the Blowout Preventer useless.


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