Saturday, August 28, 2010

"I know they're saying 'get out of town,' but I don't have any way to get out,"

An interview with Jim Demint. The real trick is to win with Pat Toomey.

I've only felt this surge of hope a few times in my life. First was in 1964 when I was 16, and that got smothered in the LBJ landslide. Then again when Reagan was elected, only to see the momentum throttled by Ross Perot's arrogant and egotistical splitting of conservative votes. I think this year will be a repudiation of Obama and his statist and prodigal policies, but how long can the movement hold. It's one thing to get involved for one or two election cycles, but quite another to stick with it and keep it from sliding back into the swamp, as we saw after 1994.

We talk about eternal vigilance and an informed electorate, but it's harder to maintain than it sounds. We have people America who consider the Constitution essentially a dead letter to be replaced at the whim of the Supreme Court and the ACLU. Freedom will always be surrounded by enemies.


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