Thursday, August 26, 2010

Peggy Noonan
The president's position is not good. The past few months have been one long loss of ground. His numbers have dipped well below 50%. Top Democrats tell Politico the House is probably lost and the Senate is in jeopardy. "Recovery summer" is coming to look like "mission accomplished." The president is losing the center.

And on top of that, he is still a mystery to a lot of people.

Actually, what is confounding is that he seems more a mystery to people now than he did when they elected him president.
Not to me. He had no experience when he was elected, except years of training revolutionaries and listening, if only subliminally, to Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright. He has barged ahead with the boldness of the ignorant and the nation and his party are paying the price.

Think of it. We have allowed a group of people whose total wealth in their lifetimes won't approach the size the the deficits they've run up to sign our names on the debt. That alone justifies a vote of no confidence in any of them.


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