Thursday, September 09, 2010

Czar of Asian Carp? I know that the invasion of Silver and Big Head Carp from China is a serious problem. They are moving up the Mississippi. They breed like crazy and have no natural predators. Worse, the Silver Carp seem to be a highly nervous strain, which doesn't exist in China, and reacts to passing boats and motors by leaping out of the water, so that boats need to be fitted with chain link fencing to prevent injury to the occupants of the boats or even knocking them out of the boat.

The absurd thing is that Obama doesn't trust this problem to be dealt with by Congress or the Fish and Wildlife Service. He appoints a "Czar," an appointee who reports only to him. I wonder if he has a White House Putting Green czar or a Golfing Czar or Tennis Court Czar. This seems to be a slightly attenuated form of the micro-management bug that contributed to Jimmy Carter's fecklessness.


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