Friday, October 22, 2010

"Credentialed, Not Educated":
Students at large state universities can often receive a better education than Ivy Leaguers because the faculty (though still largely liberal) is materially more intellectually diverse and — crucially — their peers are much more ideologically and religiously representative of the general population. At state schools, both conservatives and liberals are much more likely to be substantially challenged by their professors and peers.

True liberalism exhibits tolerance and tries to understand other points of view. Today's Liberals enforce lock-step conformity and seek to punish anyone who disagrees or even admits to Ungoodthink, as Juan Williams did by admitting to a feeling of apprehension when boarding an airplane with identifiable Muslims aboard, even as he was trying to illustrate why we shouldn't give in to such feelings, since most Muslims are peaceful, devout people who enrich our society.


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