Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Stopping Sarah Palin--why even talk about it?

Tunku Varadarajan:
Flushed with victory on Wednesday, the Republican establishment may come to acquire delusions of potency: But they would be foolish in the extreme if they start to think that they no longer need Sarah Palin. No one can keep the party’s base pumped up as deftly as she can. No one else has an appeal to the GOP grassroots that is quite as visceral.. . .

The best—the only—way to “manage” Palin would be for the Republican establishment to treat her with respect, and to avoid any hint at all of a patronizing attitude.

I wish Republicans would stop talking about Palin's future. She obviously enjoys taunting the media and Democrats, but that doesn't require an election organization, fund raising, or the kind of stuff you need campaign managers for. If she decides to run, we'll know by sometime next year. She's watching to see who gets out ahead of the pack.


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