Thursday, December 16, 2010

From Mediuptite: Ebenezer Reid "Bah! Humbugs!" his colleagues. He and Pelosi have had two years to pass a budget, but they couldn't be bothered because they were in such a hurry to make Progressive History. Now they've called a Lame Duck session and they're trying to pass 3 months worth of legislation in 3 weeks including another 2000 page monstrosity that nobody has read or discussed. Now he's put out that people have complained about missing their Christmas vacation. Who thought he was a leader?

Charles Krauthammer is convinced that if the government shuts down, the Republicans will be blamed, but I think that after the past two years, most people will know whose fault it is: those who've had an unchallengeable majority in both houses and the White House for 2 years. The GOP should introduce a continuing resolution and if he kills it, whose fault will it be?


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