Monday, January 10, 2011

Check out Loughner's mug shot.

Nope, nothing to be alarmed about there. I think that people are intimidated from reporting scary types like this. Nobody wants trouble, and that's what you could be in for if you make a report. What if you're wrong and he's not a psycho? His best friend knew he had a screw loose, but what if the reported him and the cops showed up. Who's he going to come after then?

I look at the photos of Rep. Giffords and that sweet 9 year old girl and it makes my heart sore for all the senseless suffering and grief, while this deranged failure exults in his moment of fame. We'll try him and probably ship him off to a prison somewhere for the rest of his miserable life.

Obama will now try to replicate Bill Clinton's galvanizing speech after the OK City bombing, which seems to be central to the hopes of of the left and his campaign, but they made a big mistake by talking about how he needed a tragic event like this. Now it will only look cynical, pathetic and ugly. And the left will amp up its rage. Conservatives don't really need to respond except to point out the emptiness underlying the charges from the Krugmans of the world. Stay positive. There is hope in the world. It just doesn't come from more government.


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