Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sometimes there just isn't enough news

After Tom Brokaw confessed on Morning Joe that he would be “nervous going into a bar” in Arizona, Bill O’Reilly, like others, made light of it, but did so by joking about Brokaw being shot.
This is just more Arizona bashing, as if the entire state were gunslingers hostile to the rest of the nation. And it IS laughable. Brokaw deserved to be ridiculed for such a statement. The entire left has a bad case of hoplophobia, the irrational fear of armed citizens. Why "irrational?" Because people trained in the use of firearms are not the dangerous wackos like Jared Loughner, but prepared to defend themselves and others, and the fact that guns are too widespread through society to ever be successfully banned means fear of them is like being phobic of automobiles or birds.


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