Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hypocrites on Parade

Dissent is Unpatriotic (Via

Boy, if they could see themselves! The hubris! The self-righteousness! Nobody is rooting for Qadaffi. The reason he won’t do a thing about Syria is because it would lead to confronting Iran, and that would lead to confronting Russia and China.

We seen this “limited war” scenario before. It’s Truman in Korea, and LBJ in Vietnam redux. They just leave suppurating wounds that fester into horrors like Cambodia and North Korea and the round ups that drove so many of our allies in So. Vietnam to become boat people while others were killed or put in re-education camps. The best I can see coming out of Libya is civil war.

Now why was it so many of the anti-war left wanted us out of Vietnam? They said it was a civil war and none of our business. It’s been half a century since the “civil war” in Korea was “settled.” That’s how Democrats since JFK handle wars, er – I mean kinetic military action. They make this sound like it’s a military training exercise. Then they get led further in but never are willing to fight to unequivocal victory.

What’s worse is that our President thinks this is Smart Diplomacy. He’s chuffed with himself.

These people tossed out the old tradition that "Politics ends at the water's edge," in the late Sixties. And only waited a decent interval before they amped up their attacks on Bush after 9/11. And they feel no shame about all their past unpatriotic dissent? The opponents of this policy aren't unpatriotic. They're not rooting for America to fail. The dissent from the right hasn't been about hating America or wanting it to fail. Just the opposite. They want to maintain America's standing in the world and to avoid another waster of lives and resources without getting sucked into a third military operation in addition to Iraq and Afghanistan.


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