Sunday, April 24, 2011

Jeremy Wade is a crazy s.o.b. His series, River Monsters, on Animal Planet, is in its second season, and makes one wonder about the sanity of going in even fresh water. Of course, he searches out the most nightmarish reports of fish that have killed humans and even large animals like buffalo and horses, and the actual cases seem to be pretty rare, but they're scary enough that it seems insane to trifle with such creatures. The Himalayan goonch, the goliath tiger fish, and this year, the New Zealand long fin eels with poisonous blood or the 250 lb. giant stingray in northwestern Argentina known only as the "river dog", with venom in its skin and a barbed tail with flesh eating toxin, all make shark fishing seem tame. And I won't go into the "ball-cutter" of Borneo.


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