Monday, May 02, 2011

Hugh Hewitt:
There is a dramatic story of enormous courage and competence hinted at in those three paragraphs [cited from the NYTimes report], one I hope is told before long by the participants in the mission. Even though they are obviously the elite of elite warriors, they are also part of an American military which has, in the 10 years since the attack on America, done amazing things with incredible courage and at incredible cost. The actual participants will receive rightly receive an enormous amount of praise and thanks when, if ever, their identities are known, but every man and woman who has worn a uniform over the past decade helped bring justice to Osama bin Laden and they all deserve thanks, as do the civilians who supported them in the long war --the war that of course continues and which will hopefully find out Zawahiri's hiding hole next.
Let that be our constant message to all terrorists and martyr wannabes: "We're coming for you next!"


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