Monday, May 30, 2011


When the NYTimes editorial says the economic "numbers are grim," Obama and team must wonder if the only cheerleaders they have are at MSNBC. Maybe passing that huge "stimulus" on top of TARP and following it up with Obamacare, written practically in secret and sprung on us all, calling for a bureaucracy and regulations that would take the rest of his first term to be clarified wasn't such a good idea, but how many Democrats will admit that? Only the ones who are retiring or considering switching parties. The conventional wisdom among the media is that conservative all march in lockstep, but nobody enforces party line voting like the Dems.

Now they've lost their hammerlock on Congress, there's no way they can pass another stimulus package or raise taxes without major defections from the GOP. Such things have happened, because most Republicans other than George W. Bush really do worry about deficits. The tea parties have put the scare into them. The Dems are in denial about the tea partiers, and only the next election cycle will convince them. I just hope the hard line social conservatives don't alienate the independents and swing voters we need to turn us back from disaster.


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