Saturday, July 30, 2011

Debt Schmebt!

That seems to be the Democrats' attitude toward the current crisis. I've heard a lot of fulminating aimed the Tea Party Republicans, but that won't solve the problem. Obama's approval ratings are plummeting because of his failure to lead. All he's been doing is scolding Congress and the country, but never offering a plan of his own. I don't think he really has any concept of the damage he's done already and he seems constitutionally unable to think in terms of cutting spending.

The TPRs (Tea Party Republicans) are in office and all the rage from the media and the Democrats won't change that. The Democrats seem convinced that the GOP will blink at some point, but I don't think there's any more blink Boehner can deliver. They're headed for defeat next year, but they seem to think that the only thing that can save them is higher taxes and more borrowing and spending.

If I were in Congress I'd spend my time trying to explain to people what this generation and previous ones have done to our children and grandchildren by pursuing the socialist dream, the religion of government. Government is not society. It should be a creation of society, but today it is seems to think that it most control everything to make us all live in a dream world that can never exist. As the Book of Mormon states: "There must needs be an opposition is all things." Mankind were not meant to live permanently in the Garden of Eden.

Utopia is an emergent phenomenon, not poured out on us from a central power, but built from the bottom up by individuals who behave morally and seek the society of other like minded individuals. They make laws to maintain that society, because true freedom comes from independence and responsibility, not from allowing yourself to pursue pleasure and avoid consequences, or enabling those who do.


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