Friday, October 21, 2011

A sneak peak at how Democrats would attack Romney

It's basically an "eat the rich" argument for class warfare. Here's my comment on the site:
It would be the same for any of the GOP candidates. None of them support Obama's "jobs" bill. I just heard a Dem spokesman on Fox saying that public sector jobs are still jobs, but it ignores the fact that the jobs we want aren't those created by government, because they don't produce any wealth for the country. They just provide support for a society to let businesses thrive, create wealth and pay taxes. But a nation where nobody produces actual wealth is a dead end, like the Soviet Union. Cops and teachers get paid, but the money they earn comes from taxes generated by the wealth the nation produces, i.e. its economy. Raising taxes to hire more cops and teachers is sort of like drawing blood from one are and re-injecting it in the other.


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