Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Romney continues to pull ahead, with conservatives digging in their heels. It's still Romneycare, although I see no constitutional objection to it on the state level. Santorum seems to think that Obamacare is the death knell for freedom. I have felt that that happened long ago, with the passage of Social Security and a list of following federal moves to assume our guardianship. So I don't think this will go far toward restoring our original republic. But I do believe that Romney will make a lower spending a true priority, cutting taxes and regulations. I hope the tea parties hold apology rallies when they see the results. Update: My mind keeps going back to the two speeches from last night. Santorum, hoarse from speaking and from a head coal, courageously vowing to go on, declaring that he's not in this for his own aggrandizement and to become the most powerful man on earth, but to return power to tye voters. The crowd cheered. I thought "But they all say that!" Romney was all smiles but cautioning his campaign workers that they could not let up, that the hard work would continue through Nov. 6. They all say that, too. He and Ann thanked Donald Trump among many others, causing puzzlement in the media and in me. His focus is always to rid us of this meddlesome fool in the White House and the more specific tasks of cutting spending, reducing regulations and cutting taxes, to the general effect of reviving the economy.


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