Monday, February 18, 2002

Fine-Tuning for Privacy, Hong Kong Plans Digital ID

This will be a chance to evaluate and develop this technology. If it works, we should use it. It doesn't have to be mandatory, but if people are told they can get through the airports faster I'd bet that a lot of of them will go for it. The real question is whether it works.

As I've said before, any system that can clear the vast majority who are not terrorists in a fast, reliable manner would be a great boon to security. What we have now is a brute force approach to security, check everybody. This is a pretty inefficient way to do it.

The real question is how to qualify for one of these cards. How can we decide whom to trust? Of course, this will be accused of being a profiling tool, which it is, but it doesn't single out people to be detained. Rather, it would identify people we don't have to waste time searching.

So far I haven't seen a really logical discussion of this. It's too important to ignore.


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