Saturday, June 08, 2002

Watched Ronald Kessler on CSpan2 discussing his new book. He sounds very perceptive and makes an excellent case that the current problems with the FBI have more to do with Louis Frieh and little to do with Bob Mueller. I have to agree. No way an agency like this could get this screwed up without having been neglected and mismanaged for years. One thing that really bugs me after hearing this, is why it took so long to get Mueller confirmed and sworn in. Kessler says Mueller started cleaning up Frieh's mess before then. The biggest of which apparently is Frieh's aversion to technology. The FBI has been unable to use modern computer software for internet and data analysis because it hasn't had any up to day computers.

The FBI building should be renamed. Hoover shouldn't have any more honor in this country than Benedict Arnold.


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