Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Barbara Amiel, via InstaPundit, writes:
If this were a genuine anti-war demonstration, why, along with demands on the British and Americans, would there be no demands of the other party to the conflict - Iraq? Commentators on the march were taken by the good order of it. I was taken by the sheer wickedness or naivete.
I've thought the same thing most of my life about most demonstrations. "Progressives" all seem to hate America and anyone who doesn't turn to them for wisdom. The problem is that their "wisdom" seems to consist of ideas that make no sense, like socialism, anti-global-trade and the big one, peace comes merely by refusing to oppose aggressors. It may be trite, but it's still the case, that "the worst are full of passionate intensity." Fortunately, right now, the best do not lack all conviction. They are resolute, although the U.N. doesn't seem to understand the connection between that word and the term, "resolution."

I think that Chirac is losing ground, but the world press seems to have public opinion in Europe well in hand. George Bush will not base public policy on peace demonstrations which he equates with focus groups.

In other news, Cuba is for lovers! Another Commie lie.


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