Sunday, February 16, 2003

This is why Americans loved Crocodile Dundee:
The President was asked whether Australia is part of the coalition of the willing. My oath we are. We're as willing as buggery. As billio. We're as willing as all get-out.

That said, we are not yet dead-set for a stoush, and still believe that an honest yarn can sort out this barney � but only if Saddam is true blue about it.

We see little point, however, in adopting the shirt-lifting position taken by some of the continentals.

France and Germany are an absolute cotcase, a hopeless bloody rabble. This is hardly surprising, as both nations have well and truly got the runs on the board in the showpony stakes.

Many of you will be familiar with my colleague Alexander Downer and his doctrine of the busted-arse countries.

Today I expand that doctrine to include another category � the up-themselves purse-swinging states of Western Europe.

The Frogs, with their history of having a bob each way, only to bludge their way out of strife, and the Krauts, who brought us the maddest bastard and biggest dust-up of the 20th century, but come the raw prawn in the face of a comparable global shemozzle.

To the Europeans I say � fair suck of the sav. Unless you lift your game � and quick smart � you will be found standing, dacked, before world opinion.

In the coming donnybrook, I would also stress that we have absolutely no worries with the Muslim peoples of the world.
I don't rightly know what that all means, but I wish I'd said it.

Read the whole post, then go to here for a slightly more intelligible version for USians. Tim Blair's got a nice series of "bonzer ripper grouse[s]" for the U.N., and Noam Chomsky, as well. I'm sure Chomsky's refusal to join the other cannon fodder human shields is purely from a desire not to accelerate the onset of war. His presence would both repel the inspectors and attract Hellfire missiles.


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