Thursday, February 20, 2003

Here's a letter regarding the reintroduction of wolves into western states. It seems that this is one of the most cherished goals of environmentalists, to be able to thrill to the sound of wolves howling in the night. They obviously don't rely on raising livestock for a living.

This last week, as I do each week, I had the privilege to co-host the
Richard Dechambeau Outdoor Show on KWRO Radio in Coquille, Oregon. We had
the good fortune to interview Mr. Tim Sundles of Idaho, about the attack he
and his wife suffered by wolves while camping in the forest in Idaho.
Because of this attack, and the aftermath of harassment by Animal Rights
Whackcos, Tim put up a web site on wolves in an attempt to bring out the
truth about them. That web site is Everyone should
read what Tim has turned up about these animals. This site is graphic and
not for the weak at heart.

Tim was forced to shoot a wolf after the pack attacked his horses, then him
and his wife. The Alfa Male he shot died at her feet. His story is scary
enough, but what happened after he reported it is a tragedy in our land. Not
only did the United States Fish and Wildlife want to arrest him, they
continually lied to the people over and over about wolves in their head long
agenda to cover the west with wolves once more. What the USF&W has done is a
crime and they should be tried and sentenced for this. The real sad thing is
that the animal "whacko's" have even gone so far as to hire private
investigators to harass him into not telling the truth.

Had Tim not been exercising his right to bear arms on his packing trip
vacation into the wilderness, he and his wife would most likely have been a
forgotten statistic and the story covered up. Tim's story doesn't stop at
his door. He told about his neighbor, a cattle rancher, who has lost more
the 35 head a year to the wolves. This is going on all over Idaho and the
wolves have strayed into Washington and Oregon. How long do we put up with
this stupidity before it is again put to a stop as our fathers did to
protect people and other animals.

A special note to people in Oregon, our law allows anyone to shoot any K-9
that is attacking or harassing livestock. Wolves look like dogs and some
have been cross bred with dogs. The endangered species act also allows you
to protect yourself and others from wolves. You are within the law to
protect humans and livestock from wolves. Wolves have not been and should
never be planted in Oregon.

The USF&W, along with their friends the animal rights whackos, tell everyone
that wolves are not dangerous to people and that they will pay for any
damage that the wolves do to livestock. These are both big lies that border
on criminal deception. The USF&W, along with help from local state wildlife
agencies, lied about the numbers of elk and deer also to get permission to
plant these wolves. In short, they will stop at nothing to get their way.
They have even lied about how many wolves there are in Idaho. They (USF&W)
say 200-300 when the ranchers have killed far more than that attempting to
protect their livestock.

My solution to this problem is very easy. We round up all the animals "" and
USF&W people, along with the Enviro-Whackos who support them, and send them
into the wilderness of Idaho with the wolves for an extended stay without
the benefit of any implement of self protection. They will welcome the
opportunity to go and study the wolves. After all, they will not need
weapons because they already know that wolves will not harm humans, so they
should be safe - correct?

Now after the wolves, grizzlies, and cougars have killed and eaten all these
people, we will have cleansed our gene pool of all the stupid people so that
we can once again start responsible use of our natural resources. We can
allow the growth of food so that our economy will be good and we can produce
a surplus of food to feed others in the world once more. We will then be
allowed to control the predators and this will once more allow elk and deer
to become plentiful so that people who enjoy hunting as a way of life can do
so once more and pass on this tradition to their children. I think this
would be a great step in the right direction of returning America once more
to the greatest nation in the world. It would be so nice to see the economy
back up and this nation of ours once more self sustaining.

God Bless America.

Michael E. Cook, Coos County Sheriff, Retired.

This was sent in response to my post on a non-public list devoted to promoting access to public lands, pointing out that wolves have the same DNA as domestic dogs, and that when dogs go feral and roam in packs, we destroy them. So why do we need wolves? Remember, wolves are a bigger than Dobermans.


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