Thursday, February 20, 2003

Via InstaPundit: So this is what Pat Leahy considers "Judical Temperament."

I really dislike this game-playing with judicial nominees, both Republican and Democrat. I think it's due mostly to judicial folly in the past, like Roe v. Wade. When justices are too willing to charge into political issues that are so highly emotional. they make themselves political figures and we're now seeing the results in senatorial confirmation hearings. There should be such a thing as judicial restraint and a recognition that some matters of public policy are better handled by legislatures than by unelected, unaccountable justices who are supposed to deal with individual cases. I would really prefer that advice and consent matters be removed from the Judicial Committee and just go directly to the floor, with a limited time for debate, and no filibusters by rule. Holding the judiciary and other administration posts hostage doesn't accomplish anything but nastier politics.


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