Thursday, July 28, 2005

Some clues for the MSM

Glenn notes some good media criticism from Nicholas Kristoff, of all people. It really is spot on. If they want to enhance their image, they should take all the people who are busy right now trying to pin a federal crime on Karl Rove and send them to report from Darfur, Congo, Syria, Iran or North Korea. Show us what courageous, tough reporters really look like. Oh, and no living in the only decent hotel in the country and parroting what your government minder feeds you.

Yank all those jerks at the White House, and make them go do some real reporting instead of practicing amateur cross examination on Scott McClellan. Real reporters don't write the story first and then go try to badger public officials into to giving it substance. You want to badger someone? Go badger some Muslim Imam who's preaching jihad to teenagers! How about giving us some real news about what's going on in the mosques of the U.S.?


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