Monday, August 29, 2005

But Cindy said . . .

The New York Times quotes a Sunni member of the Iraqi constitutional drafting committee:
A Sunni member of the constitutional drafting committee, Mahmoud al-Mashadani, said he favored approving the document. But he added that he feared he could become a target of more militant Sunnis if he were to speak out about it, particularly if the Muslim Scholars Association, an influential Sunni group, were to denounce the charter.

"Who is going to protect me when I'm walking in the streets after that?" he said, adding that he had just heard a Sunni imam denouncing those who supported the constitution as infidels.

Other Sunnis have expressed similar fears, especially after two Sunnis involved in drafting the constitution were assassinated last month.
I hope the radicals don't read the Times, or Mahmoud is toast.

Someone needs to point out to the Sunnis that if you kill your representatives in government, it limits your input into national decisions. This is why we need to be there. I only wish we had better ways of protecting these people. The Iraq Security Forces can't get going fast enough for any of us. There may well be a war between the various militias. If so, I'd welcome it, provided we can keep the rest of the country from getting caught in the middle.

Update: RCP questions Cindy's compassion when talking about other grieving mothers who don't agree with her anti-war stance. She calls them "'continue the murder and mayhem' moms," and says they've been brainwashed.

Read the whole thing. This seems to be another in a long pattern of the left choosing unlikeable people as their spokespersons.


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