Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Great Bad Man

Michael Medved has George Galloway on his radio show. The first remark out of Galloway's mouth was to condemn Medved's standard show opening hailing the U.S. as "the greatest nation on God's Green Earth." Galloway is extremely defensive, as his aggressive anti-Israel rhetoric and personal attacks on Medved. He keeps referring to Medved's notes from MEMRI, as "an Israeli website," as though that alone is proof that its unreliable.

Galloway is quite an accomplished Sophist. As easy to pin down as a bucket of eels, and very skilled at evading every question by retorting with attacks. He talks just like Christopher Hitchens, but he's dishonest.

Its fascinating to see the difference between British and American debating styles. Galloway, as Hitchens, is a master of the sneer and his favorite tactic is to take offense at practically everything anybody says. It's the "righteous indignation" pose, go on the pose and turn every question into an impugning of his "character," and act insulted. He goads with barely disguised contempt for "Israeli websites," hoping to provoke an accusation of anti-semitism, so that he can use his "How dare you . . ." speech.

You could teach a class in the rhetoric of deception from the content of this hour alone.

I wonder when we'll get a debate between Galloway and Mark Steyn.


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