Thursday, September 15, 2005

The most pretentious title

I'd nominate "social justice advocate", as if everybody else is opposed to social justice. "Justice," judging from what I gather from the post, means "being entitled to be cared for by others by reason of something that somebody else did to your ancestor," and "a right to something you didn't work for." The word "justice" is bein warped by people who confuse it with mercy, Christian charity, etc. Like the word "deserving poor" it's misleading. It's like saying it's not just that we aren't all born into riches, as if the universe was supposed to treat us all the same.

There's so much demagoguing of Katrina going on I wouldn't be surprised if the Democrats were shown to have created it through secret weather modification technology. Here's Hillary!:
Well, we saw what that meant in the last couple of days. You can't expect any help from your government that you pay taxes to. You can't expect any help unless you own a car, unless you have enough money to figure out how to get your family on an airplane to get away from impending disaster.


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