Thursday, September 22, 2005

Saw the first body bags from NOLA

On MSNBC. They're still going door to door checking houses for hold outs and dead bodies. It really makes me annoyed that they can't make people get out of the cities in the path of these things.

Joe Scarborough, shut up! He keeps harping that "our leaders failed us miserably." I'm getting really tired of being told that because these people have built their homes in places like that keep getting smashed by hurricanes, it's the federal government's job to save everybody. It's a gamble with your life to stay in the range of the storm swell, or anything but a concrete bunker. I have compassion for those who just don't have any means to evacuate, especially when their own cities and states let them down, but it all comes down to the fact that nobody forced them to live there! Quit bitching about what everybody else owes you.

I hope this jerk doesn't run for Congress again. He's part of the problem.

Let's be clear. The people who populate places like this are the first ones to blame, especially when they don't prepare themselves for things like this. Nobody owes them a thing. What we give and the help we send is out of compassion, not because it's our job.

We live with winter. And we don't come moaning to you when we have a blizzard. If I were you, I'd tell these weasels in the media to shut up about the rest of the country. Show a little appreciation or a lot of us are going to just quit trying to help.


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