Friday, February 10, 2006

Lions and Tigers and Bears.

The real enemy in the War on Terrorism, in the mind of the media, is the federal government. Why do I feel that if this were a Democrat administration, we wouldn't hear a breath of this stuff. Of course, with appointees like Judge Kollar-Kotelly and Jamie Gorelich, it would never have gone to this length to stop terrorists from completing more attacks.

The real scary scandal here is that this single judge would take it on herself to block the FISA court from functioning as it was designed.

She should be impeached. She serves "during good behavior," and this is not good behavior. It strikes me more as a judicial coup d'etat than anything else.

Bush acted with the advice and counsel of experts in counterterrorism and national security. Who advised Kollar-Kotelly? Half the Congress is conditioned to think that a warrant solves everything, but this judge has just provided proof that we can't always trust the courts to do what they're supposed to. Hence, the need for Roberts and Alito. Of course, judges are the elite of the elitists. Nobody is ever supposed to challenge their views, except higher courts.


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