Monday, April 10, 2006

It's Explicit Now: Democrats want illegal aliens to vote

Their efforts to make it easier to register to vote have always seemed designed to allow non-citizens to vote, but they'd deny that. Michelle Malkin publishs a photo of a sign posted at the Dallas demonstration that clearly invites Mexicans here illegally to vote here. I hope this creates a backlash. I don't like the idea that people who have no knowledge of what or whom they're voting for, should be allowed to cancel out votes of those who do. And nobody who is here illegally should be allowed to vote. Why is that so hard to understand. Are these people so desperate for power that they'd destroy the system they want to govern?

Apparently they are. From Wizbang!:
The Dems have cornered the black voting collective with over 90% voting Democratic. If Democrats manage to corner the Hispanic vote like they have cornered the black vote, Republicans won't win the White House for a very long time. This is the Democrats' dream, so they are trying very hard to collectivize the Hispanic community by turning the immigration issue into another civil rights issue.

Michael Medved had a guest wacko today preaching that there is no difference between legal and illegal immigrants.

Update: The sign referred to above was photographed by LGF reader mjolnir910 It's not really a sign but a leaflet, apparently being passed out by Democrats.


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