Friday, April 28, 2006

Will Schumer support a break up of Ted Kennedy?

This story is an old favorite of mine. Environmentalists always promote alternate energy that hasn't been developed on a large scale, until it begins to be developed and they find it's a blight on the landscape. Wind turbines are not cost effective but they're being subsidized all over the country. What I realized from the ones I've seen is that they really harm wilderness values. They have to have service roads and powerlines to connect them to the grid, and they're often located on skylines because that's where the wind is.

When they get their way, the greens will find that the reality isn't as rosy as their predictions. Whatever we do, it's going to effect the planet somehow. Wind turbines slow down wind by taking energy from it. If we had enough of them to really take over from coal and oil, would it affect the climate patterns? The early adopter wind farms have killed a lot of birds, but I don't know how the giant ones would effect wildlife or migration patterns.


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